Sheepshead Scorer iPhone/iPad and Android App
Sheepshead Scorer
The Sheepshead Scorer -- available for your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and ANDROID phone/device is now available on the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play Android Market. Just search for "Sheepshead Scorer" in the Apple apps store or the Google Play Android Market. This Sheepshead Scorer app can now make scoring your Sheepshead card games a lot easier. Up to 7 players can be entered along with using the rotate Sit Out feature to rotate sitting out players for each hand. If players leave the game, you can use the Left Game buttons. It also keeps track of who the dealer is. Additional features include showing hand history up to 200 hands and player standings for the game (wins, losses, and number of times picked). All you have to do is enter player names and then score each hand by choosing a Picker and a Partner along with hand outcome.

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